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I have been infected by the travelvirus in 2007 when i did my round-the-world-trip. I planned it back in school, not taking it seriously... but the time after school in the army proved me wrong, since the great outdoors and lots of sports were amazing. I always have been some sort of computer nerd/techgeek, but now I also enjoy extremsports and long distance running/cycling as well.

So my first trip was a 1 year journey through europe, the middle east, south-east asia, australia, new zealand, the USA and central america. I spent 1-3 months in each of these regions and travel a bit faster then most of my fellow backpackers. It seems that I can't rest in a place for too long, because there is always new places to explore, more to experience.

After that initial period I decided to keep on travelling. Missing regular sports and looking for a cheaper way to travel I discovered bicycling for me. I started with tours between 100km to 2000km (that's 160miles to 1260miles) and was hooked. I planned a big trip to China with a friend of mine, but we had to abort it, because of his university. So I was still biking around europe when the next winter hit, so I fled by plane to India and Nepal. 4 months backpacking, no bike, lots of trekking and lots of hanging around at the beach. That was an awesome time I'd never want to miss.

Being back in europe in spring i devised the next big trip. Since I tried China already, I took the only other long-distance trip available from europe: Africa. That was the biggest adventure of my lifetime, so far... the first three days with constant rain, on the fourth day my bike got stolen, 1 week into the trip my bike companion I knew from the internet and me had an argument and split up. Perfect start. But i still managed to survive theft, rebels, warzones, the sahara desert, a croc taking a bite out of my arm, hippos and buffalos, corrupt officials, mosquitoes, about every tropical disease ever and arrived in capetown 10 months and 23000km (14300miles).

Safely back home I took a rest, explored skandinavia and eastern europe by bike, met my girlfriend and planned the next bigger adventure together with her. 3 years, 40+ countries, pan-american highway, amazon river, himalayan mountains and the trans-siberian railway are on the list.

Somewhere along this list we are now. Living the dream. I enjoy it and hope you'll enjoy the reading. Maybe you'll get bitten by the travelbug as well ;)

Go places. Meet people. Do things.


Hi :)
I was born on 29th May 1989 and grew up in Reinhardshagen near the river Weser. I went to school, played football (soccer for the US-readers) trained in martial arts and travelled the scenic area with my mountainbike.

I finished the intermediate school and my secondary technical school in Kassel. After that, I worked for a local newspaper till 2008 and went to Düsseldorf to complete my training as a webdesigner. Thanks to good grades I managed to shorten the time and finished after just 2,5 years in spring 2011. Applaude me, please ;)

Even before I moved to Düsseldorf I thought about travelling. I always wanted to see the world. I wanted to see and experience all the things I only see on television or giant billboards. The people and the culture, the landscape and the animals - everything. Japan should be the first destination, but... Vietnam, India, Southamerica... ! So I decided to embrace my chance and jump head first not into work, but into the great outdoors.

It's almost a weird coincidence that I met Martin shortly before I finished my training. He told me many storys about his previous tours and made not just my globetrotter-heart beat faster. Shortly after that we decided to combine our plans and devised our own trip.

A journey not just to see new countries, but also to form new friendships, to let my spirit and mind grow, to experience new sensations... thats why I want to travel. To reach my own limits, to live through good and bad alike, to live and to learn to appreciate the little things in life, those that usually are drowned by daily routine.

I know that this won't be easy. How could I forget when my lovely relatives remind me all the time ;) But not everyone has a chance like this, to do something others always dreamed of. Otherwise there'd be a lot more princesses and policeman around.

This journey is a gift that turns me into a small child again: I can barely wait to open it.