Monthly summary



Peru, Colombia, Brasil, French Guyana

Start & End
Lima, Peru - Chayenne, French Guyana

Time total
Days total: 238
Days on the road: 101
Days in towns: 137

Time this month
Days : 30
Days on the road: 22
Days in towns: 8

Sleeping total
Hostels: 116
Camping: 57
Couchsurfing: 37
Others: 28 (airport 2, bus 5, bus station 2, train station 1, refugio 2, lobby 1, boat 14)

Sleeping this month
Hostels: 6
Camping: 4
Couchsurfing: 4
Others: 16 (2 bus, 14 boat)

Kilometers total: 4880km
Kilometers this month: ~160km
Time on the bike: 260h (???)
Kilometers on road: 4710km
Kilometers on gravel: 170km
Max speed: 64,3kmh

Transport total
Flights: 4
Boats: 12
Busses: 26
Trains: 1 (+1 Tren a las nubes, Diana only)

Transport this month
Flights: 0
Boats: 6
Busses: 2
Trains: 0

Spendings total: 4170€ x 2
Spendings this month: 420€
Daily average total: 17,5 €
Daily average this month: 14€
Special spendings: Replacement for stolen gear, 250€

Sights & more
Oldtown of Lima
Crypts underneath Franziskan Monestary
Luxurious Villa-Hostel with a peacock as pet
Animal Orphranage
Jaguar, Ocelot, Sloth, 4 different monkey types, Aras, snakes...
Alter do Chao, the caribbean of Brasil
Manaus including christmas decoration
The Amazon river
French (?) hospitality

Random stuff
Countries visited: 4
Days on boats: 16
Being stolen from, again...
Traveling the Amazon from the start to the ocean
Approx. 5500km by boat on the river
Humidity: Constant 90% (at least it feels like it)
Highest Temperatur: 35°
Lowest Temperatur: 20°
Bought our first visa: Suriname

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