From rags to riches

One of the questions we hear most is: What do you take with you on your tour ? To answer that we uploaded a complete list of our gear. Everything we take with us will be summarized in this overview. A big thanks again to our sponsors who made it possible and support us with the biggest part of the list.

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Our bike

(we ride the same bikes)

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Frame: Aluminium 7005 SLR
Color: schwarz-eloxiert
Fork: Suntour NRX-7500 Lockout
Rims: Mavic mit DT Inox
Tires: Schwalbe Marathon Plus
Saddle: Fizik Pave CX
Saddlepost: Ritchey Pro
Handlebar: Ritchey Pro
Headset: Ritchey Pro
A-head: Ritchey Pro
Grips: Ritchey
Luggagecarrier: Tubus
Brake: Magura HS-33



Name Description Weight Quantity
Ortlieb Handlebar bag Waterproof handlebar bag, 5l and 7l 430gr x2
Ortlieb BackRoller Classic Waterproof panierbags 20l 830gr x4
Ortlieb drybag Waterproof tentbag 22l 260gr x2
StS Ultra Sil Mini daypack, 20l 69gr x2
Camerabag Small bag for our cam 210gr x1
Netbookcasing Selfmade case for the EEEPC 10gr x1
Bergans drybag For clothing, 10l 45gr x2
Bergans netbag For stuff, 8l 30gr x4
Platypus Waterbag, 2l 35gr x2
Nordisk Tyr Bikebackpack for water, 4l 500gr x1
Bergans toiletrie bag Small and light 40gr x1
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Name Description Weight Quantity
Penny Stove Selfmade campingstove 15gr x2
Potstand/Windguard Selfmade 15gr x1
Snowpeak pot Titanium pot, 2l 124gr x1
Snowpeak pan Titanium pan 66gr x1
Snowpeak cup Titanium cup 113gr x1
Meru cup Stainless steel cup 113gr x1
Nordisk Spork Foldable titaniumspork 15gr x2
Bic Mini Lighter 11gr x2
Baladeo 22 Small pocket knife 22gr x1
Gerber Evo Small pocket knife 51gr x1
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Name Description Weight Quantity
EEE PC S101 Netbook 1270gr x1
Olympus SP-590 UZ Bridgecam with 26x Zoom 450gr x1
iPod Nano MP3-Player 75gr x1
Fenix headlamp Torch 66gr x1
LiteXpress Liberty Torch 100gr x1
Dualplug 2-in-1 plug 40gr x1
Plugadapter European to american 30gr x1
Typhoon Nano Mouse for the netbook 14gr x1
Kindle Wifi Ebook-reader 270gr x1
My Passport 500gb External HDD 175gr x2
Garmin VistaHXC GPS 130gr x1
Sanyo Charger USB-Charger for AA/AAA 42gr x2
Biologic ReeCharge USB-Charger 82gr x1
Eneloops Rechargable batteries 25gr x12
Canon EOS 450D Digital SLR 1080gr x1
iPhone For Yuppies 135gr x1
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Name Description Weight Quantity
Nordisk Vitus SL 2-person tent 2400gr x1
Nordisk Celsius LP Down sleepingbag till -10° 1050gr x2
Atriach Skin Microlight Matress, short, 120cm 390gr x2
Eva matress 5mm matress 190gr x2
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Name Description Weight Quantity
Toothbrush   10gr x2
Toothpaste   100gr x1
Outdoorsoap   250gr x2
Mosquitospray   75gr x1
Sunprotection   300gr x1
Niveacreme   20gr x1
Nailclipper   5gr x1
Shaver   75gr x1
Towel   60gr x2
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Spare Parts

Name Description Weight Quantity
Patches     x30
Chain oil     x1
Cablebinder/Zipties     x10
Gaffatape     x1
Inner tube     x2
Brakeplates     x16
Gear cables     x3
Gearholding Piece     x2
Spokes     x10
Sparescrews     x10
Chainparts     x3
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Name Description Weight Quantity
Topeak pump   160gr x1
Leatherman Surge   230gr x1
Spoke wrench   30gr x1
Topeak RatchetRocket   120gr x1
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Name Description Weight Quantity
Bergans Super Lett Jacket Rainjacket 420gr x2
Bergans Super Lett pants Rainpants 380gr x2
Montane Featherlite Windjacket 160gr x2
2XU bikeshorts Bikeshorts, short 180gr x2
2XU tricot Tricot, short 175gr x2
2XU compression shirt Shirt, long 175gr x2
2XU compression socks Socks 63gr x2
Bioracer tricot Tricot, short 160gr x2
Bioracer bikeshorts Bikeshorts, short 200gr x2
Buff Merinobuff 25gr x1
Beenie Cap 40gr x1
Roeckl Solar Bike gloves 42gr x2
Alpina Tri-Guard Sportglasses 25gr x2
Alpina SPO Sportglasses 120gr x2
Alpina Pheos Bike helmet 235gr x2
Fleece Lightweight Fleeceshirt 200gr x2
Lake MX-140 Bike shoes 980gr x1
Shimano SH-WM50 Bike shoes 725gr x1
Underwear   50gr x3
Long underwear   70gr x2
Socks   30gr x2
Swimmdress   160gr x2
BOC bike sandals Sandals with SPD-System 760gr x2
Berghaus Trekking Zip Zip-off trousers 350gr x1
Berghaus Pitzal Men Trekkingtrousers 380gr x1
Berghaus Hoody Warm Baselayer 360gr x1
Berghaus Furnace Downjacket 450gr x1
Berghaus Ignite Primaloftjacket 380gr x1
Berghaus Technical Zip Tee Longsleeve Men 200gr x1
Berghaus Technical Zip Tee Longsleeve Women 200gr x1
Berghaus Technical Tee Warm version Women 250gr x1
Berghaus gloves 3-1 mitts 210gr x2
Meindl Boots Hiking boots 1660gr x1
Nordisk Down Socks Down Socks 100gr x1
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Total weight: 32.095 grams
Total items: 229

In addition we carry about 500 grams each of small stuff and personal items, e.g. travelchess, journal. We won't list all this.