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Welcome to our website!

We're using this site as an online diary and photo album for our round-the-world trip. So be sure to check this site for updates :) And now a bit of our story...

Who are we?
Diana, 22, Webdesigner
"I've done a training as a digital media designer and now I'm about to live the dream of traveling. I'm responsible for our homepage during the trip."

Martin, 24, Photographer/Adventurer
"I'm travelling for over 4 years now and have seen over 80 different countries, half of them on a bicycle. I'm responsible for the documentation, the route and the equipment."

Where are we going?
A round-the-world-trip with over 40 countries, in North- and Southamerica and Asia. Generally we will travel from South- to Northamerica, taking a plane to japan after that (that was idea 1.0). In Asia we'll do a roundtrip through southeastasia and China, before we travel back to Europe in the transsibirian railway.

When and how long?
Start of the journey is the 6th April 2011, and it will take us about 3 years to complete.

Have fun at our page! Otherwise you can find us at Facebook and Twitter, too.

Diana & Martin

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